Question about overclocking!

Hi all,

Oc'd my FX-6300 to 4.2ghz at the moment running at the reccommended stock voltage (on manual).

My temps when running Prime95 are 57*c. I know I can take the socket temp to 62*c safely..

My questions is what are my steps from here? I'm wanting to OC to 4.5 (which I probably can with CM Hyper Evo 212).

Do I find as high as I can take the multiplier before I go over my max temps. Then start lowering the volts till it runs cooler?

I mean is this a cycle to see how far you can push the CPU?

Say for example:

-I increase multiplier at stock voltage to a clock speed of 4.5 but find I'm hitting 62c in Prime95.

-Lower the voltage to keep temps down.

From here can I increase the mutliplier again to achieve an ever higher clock speed or is this where you stop?
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    Usually stability is the number one concern.

    A lot of people recommend finding your maximum multiplier overclock with the stock voltages your stock frequencies run at. Once you've hit a bit of instability, then you start upping the voltage until you obtain stability again. Once you've hit stability, you start upping the multiplier again until you touch instability again - rise/repeat until you hit your thermal threshold.
  2. Thanks a lot. So thermal threshold being the limit where I can't overclock anymore without being over safe temps?

    So lowering volts is just going backwards and I've got confused? haha
  3. Short answer to the second sentence: Yes.

    As for what you said about volt and going backwards, I'm not entirely sure what you're saying.

    Here's a video to extrapolate from, though:
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