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That's my build so far but I can't decide on a gpu everyone keeps telling me to go with the Evga gtx 760 but I don't know if I need that powerful of gpu. All I plan to do is use my PC for browsing the web, playing runescape league an possibly bf4 but I'm not looking for maximum graphics but is love to have nice graphics. I was thinking about a Radeon 760 or 770 but I'm not sure I need some advice. If you think it's necessary for me to get the gtx 760 then I will but I don't feel like I need a 260 dollar gpu
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  1. Also in the future I plan to get a dual monitor setup with both screens at 1920x1080
  2. If you cant spend the extra cash for the gtx 760, then an R9 270X would do just fine. Its roughly about 9% slower than the gtx 760.

    MSI Gaming R9 270X

    BF4 benchmark

    You could probably do high/ultra settings on bf4, mantle update could probably add a bit more fps
  3. Yes, go with the R9 270X as the performance difference is minimal.
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    i wouldnt go with anything that high spec if your planning to do light gaming, Have a look at the benchmarks for the GTX 650 Ti BOOST, you can run BF4 on high at 40-50 FPS and its much cheaper
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