looking for a good wireless gaming mouse under 75 bucks

hey all Im looking for a good gaming wireless gaming mouse.

I want at least five buttons, and preferably something that doesn't add lag which I hear some wireless mice do.

I do all types of gaming, mmo, rpg rts fps etc.
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    You could look at the next three,
    read some reviews about them.These might tell you more about lag issues.
    I've got the first two and i like the the m705 more,it somehow feels more accurate.They both are for right handed people,keep that in mind.
  2. im going to be gaming on the benq xl2420te, at 120hz with light boost, I talked to the guys at blurbusters and they recommend the Logitech g700s because its got 1000hz polling rate and seems to be the most reliable for low mouse lag of the bunch. so that's what im going with. also they love the build quality and software that comes with the Logitech mouse
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