laptop startup problem, windows 8, Toshiba C55-A5311

Here is an other problem in the world of laptops .lol!!!
I got a Toshiba SATELLITE C55-A5311 laptop 3 months ago.
This morning, when I turned on my laptop it only shows black screen and I could hear fan sound(spining fast and slow,not at constant rate).

I saw some troubleshooting methods as to unplug the power cable, remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 40-60 seconds, then place the battery back to it's place, plug on the power cable and to turn on the laptop. When I did at first it worked perfectly. Later I fixed some error through PC cleaner software and restarted my laptop and again I faced the same problem. I believe my laptop is only powering up and fan spinnin. My optical mouse can't be detected too as there is no light down the mouse.

It happened all of a sudden. I would really appreciate and be thankful if someone come up with good solution for this .

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    Is it under warranty?
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