750W Psu's [THERMALTAKE Evo Blue vs THERMALTAKE Litepower vs Seasonic S12G-750]

Unfortunately there is no seasonic s12g-750 (ssr-750RT) in my country, so i wanna know how much litepower and evo blu are worse than seasonic.
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  1. 1000% Seasonic is better. Thermaltake can't even come close to half the quality Seasonic produces. I would go with an Antec, XFX, Corsair unit WAY before a Thermaltake.
  2. is there any brand available
    there are still a few seasonic OEM : XFX. Corsair
  3. S12G, you can look for the bronze Seasonics if you want to save money.
  4. how about this psu? 750W XFX Pro Series XXX Edition (P1-750X-XXB9)
    +3.3V - 25A, +5V - 25A, +12V1 - 62A, +12V2 - n/a, +12V3 - n/a, +12V4 - n/a, +5VSB - 3.0A, -12V - 0.5A
    What n/a means? Is this psu single rail or multi rail?
  5. Yes, that XFx unit is VERY high quality. GEt it for sure. IT has a single rail, which is good.

    What is your system parts list? Chances are you don't need 750w.
  6. 750W XFX Pro Series XXX Edition (P1-750X-XXB9)

    Get that one it's a high quality power supply made by SEASONIC.

    With 62 amps on the 12v rail that will be a nice addition to your setup.
  7. How much xfx worse than seasonic?
    They both have single +12V rail
    #1: BUT: seasonic have +80 gold and xfx +80 bronze. Does +80 affect on quality/performance?
    #2: Pros and cons of these PSU's (To each other)
  8. XFX PSUs ARE Seasonic with the label changed.

    80+ ratings are not to do with quality, just efficiency. Don't get confused and think a gold unit is going t be higher quality than a bronze unit. This is not always the case. A gold vs. a bronze unit will just make better use of the power from the wall and not be as had on your electricity bill. This difference will not be noticeable at all though.

    Jusg et the XFX.
  9. Best answer
    XFX is made by SEASONIC , it's a high quality unit.

    80 Plus rating doesn't affect performance.

    80 Plus info here ^
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