Can i play bf4,cod ghosts, ac4:black flag,watch dogs,thief, and other future games with this rig...

c2d 2.93 ghz
3 gb ram
gtx 660
monitor res. 1366*768
At what fps I can play these graphical games at high setting?
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  1. At 720p you should run this games just fine.
    Some of them are quite CPU hogs, however. Is your C2D overclockable? If it is, it might be healthy to spread it's legs at a higher clock.
  2. I don't want to overclock it,but with a gtx 660 how much fps i could get especially in watch dogs and bf4?
  3. This can't be stated precisely as your rig is pretty unique. On game likes Skyrim a older CPU as a C2D can severely limit the performance compared to a modern CPU. Specially at stock clocks.

    You should be able to reach 60FPS+ in most games.
  4. Wow! r u sure? with my cpu and ram and gpu,can i reach 60 + fps in recent games like bf4 and watch dogs?Are u sure?
    Well,i don't play skyrim
  5. I said most games :P
    Also, it well depend on 720p at which settings. If you drop things like shadows and AA, your GTX 660 should be able to delivery playable frame rates at most games.
    Can't precise about heavy, CPU-bound games. As I said, you have a pretty unique rig and will likely take a performance hit due the slow CPU.


    About BF4, forget about heavy textures, shadows, AA and AF. You should reach about playable frame rates at 720p on lower settings with your GTX 660.
  6. It depends on the game

    Ghosts is a bit cpu intensive
    Notice the scaling as you go up and the difference between the stock i5 and the overclocked one

    BF4 singleplayer, GPU dependent
    Your core 2 duo should be similar to that Athlon x3, and as you can see it still takes a bit of a hit

    Note, that's not the same hardware as yours, so the framerate might vary

    Multiplayer would be a totally different story

    Overall, I can tell you that your cpu is going to hold you back but you should be able to get playable framerates in those games, not sure about the settings and exact framerate though
  7. RITIK said:
    c2d 2.93 ghz
    3 gb ram
    gtx 660
    monitor res. 1366*768
    At what fps I can play these graphical games at high setting?

    i have similar config of yours
    c2d e7400 @ 2.8ghz
    6gb ram
    same monitor res
    gtx 660 synergy edition

    and i get 25~35 fps in battlefield 4 ultra (max everything including AA)
    20 ~ 25 fps in farcry 3 (max settings including AA)
    35 ~ 40 fps in tombraider (max settings including AA)
    and solid 30+ in blacklist (max settings including AA)
    and 40+ fps in Batman (max settings in TXAA)

    and i wonder how many frames i get in watchdogs since my cpu which is below minimum spec.
    will watchdogs playable at medium settings with 30 fps???
    i preordered it though.
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