How to confirm that my graphics card is dead?


I'm sure there's something with my graphics card. When I plug the specific one in, my computer doesn't turn on at all.
When I plug the good one in it works fine. When I plug both in the computer also doesn't turn on.

Is it dead, or is there something else going on?
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  1. You will need to provide more info, like full hardware specs. We don't even know what cards you're talking about, what motherboard, what PSU, etc...

    Some cards need additional connection from the PSU otherwise they won't turn on. Or even if you hook the card to the PSU, if it PSU is defective or too cheap and simply not powerful enough to feed the card it will not turn on. There are many possibilities but as I said you will need to be more specific when you post problems.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    PSU: Corsair 860W AX860
    Motherboard: AsRock 970 Extreme4
    Corsair 8GB Vengeance PC3-12800
    2x Club3D HD7950 '13 series

    Hope this helps, PCI cables from PSU to graphics card are fine, as one of the GPU's is working fine.
  3. It could be fried. When was the last time the card was in working condition?
  4. 5 minutes before I started the computer, hitting 85 degrees celcius.
  5. It's 85 degrees even before the computer is turned on?

    The card is possessed there's your problem.
  6. No of course not.
    I started the computer, and for 5 minutes it was working, then it shut-down, and the last temperature I saw was 85 degrees.
  7. Is there anything running? How's your CPU temperature?
  8. Without the 'dead' graphics card everything is fine. CPU temperature is low,
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    85 degrees is normal for this card under load. Maybe there's something running on it. You could try to reinstall Windows (clean install) to see if the problem goes away (if this was a software problem). Other than that, you could contact Club3D support and see if you can RMA it or they might suggest other things for you try too.
  10. It's already on the way. I ran some other tests and all turned out that my pc doesn't start with that card, it HAS to be the card.

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