how to run onboard video card along with add-on video card

I am wanting to use the IGP on the motherboard (gigabyte board) along with our Sapphire Radeon HD6570 video card for a multiple display. I had it working fine before, but had a new OS installed and have lost the capability somehow. (3rd party did the install) How do I get both functioning again? Nothing was changed on the Bios, but I can't figure out how to get the capability back. Video card is over riding the IGP.
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  1. Hello... what Windows version are you using? 32 bit 64 bit?
  2. Windows 7 - 32 bit
  3. Hello... 1) You need to check that that both Video cards/Hardware are available in the Device Manager under Display adaptors.
    2) Right click your Desktop- Right click Screen resolution- Change your settings here for which Monitor is Main Display, resolutions, orientation, and Multi display views/alignment.
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    Ironsounds, Thanks for your time. I just got the problem solved! It did involve going into the device mgr, where I found a code 43 error. I ended up uninstalling MB video driver, restarting computer and inserting MB driver disk. After that, it pretty much fixed itself!
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