Having issues with 4GBs of Ram that I didn't have before I started using 8Gbs

I am having to replace one of my ram sticks because it is no longer working. So while I am waiting on the RMA process I am using 4GBs like I was before I ever had 8GBs.

Before, I could be playing a game and have chrome open no problem, no crashing of either program. Now however is a different story. While playing a game and having chrome in the background I will have one or the other crash, or both crash. It's making no sense. I should still have no issues going back down to 4GBs like I had before I started using 8GBs.

Any ideas?
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  1. Pull up your RAM usage and see what that shows.
  2. When I have done that, it tells me that my ram usage is at 70-80%. Right now it's at 52% and 41 processes, 12 of those being Chrome.

    As I said, it doesn't make sense to me that I had no issues before with 4Gbs and now I do.
  3. Any other ideas?
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    That stick may be bad. Have you tried using another DIMM slot?
  5. I have, yes.

    I sure hope that this stick isn't bad. I do not have another one that I can use in it's place while I send this one off for RMA as well, nor can I afford to go out and buy another stick. All I have is DDR2 ram at this point.

    I need to have my computer up and running for online courses that I take.
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