Can i fit Cooler Master Hyper 101 with AM3+ socket?

I am planning to buy Cooler Master Hyper 101 for my computer and i have AM3+ socket.It sayis AM3 but i was woundering if anyone of you knows if it fits to AM3+ ?
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    AM3 coolers fit on AM3+.

    I just installed one of the older Hyper212+ coolers on an AM3+ board.
  2. Very nice. Ill buy it soon and thank you for your help ;)
  3. Any desktop cooler that uses the stock AMD retention system, from Socket 754 to AM3+, will fit. Coolers that have brackets you have to install onto the motherboard are a bit different. Hole pattern changed with AM2. So if a cooler is for AM2, it will still work with AM3+. Socket 754 and 939 used different brackets.
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