How can I connect a third LCD monitor?

I have a problem. I have 3 LCD dell u2412m a motherboard gigabyte GA-Z77-UD4H. According to description it supports 2 LCD monitors on Intel HD 4000. I bought older graphic card Nvidia GTX260 with 2 DVI outputs. If i connect both of them, they work. But when I wanted to connect third monitor using the displayport, it didn´t work. Can you help me how to connect these 3 monitors on one PC at the same time? Ideal is to connet two of them using GTX260 and one LCD using Intel HD4000. Thanks

CPU : Intel Core i7-3770K 3.50GHz | Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32,0GB 1333MHz | Gigabyte Z77X-UD4H | 1792MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 | LCD : 3xDELL U2412M | 256GB Samsung SSD 840 PRO | 2x250GB WD Velociraptor 10000rpm | 2x1000GB WD Velociraptor 10000rpm | 1TB SAMSUNG HD103SJ 7200rpm
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  1. Your motherboard supports either the onboard GPU or a GPU card - not both. Your choices are to purchase a card that supports 3 monitors, or install 2 graphics cards (SLI/Crossfire) to utilize 3 monitors.
  2. Ou. Thank you very much for this answer :)
  3. I believe it does (I can't confirm - it doesn't mention on the website), but running both DVI and one display port should work....
  4. Is there any special BIOS settings? Because default settings not working. third display on displayport is not recognize in Screenresolution settings and detect display. Is there only from GPU (both DVI) not DisplayPort.
  5. Just for future reference there is a technology called FLeX:- that you might want to look into. It is on certain Sapphire cards and allows a much higher range of connection configurations. I'm surprised they did not advertise the technology more. It was one reasons why I chose an R9 290 Tri-x and has worked like a gem, no messing about.
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    you actually SHOULD be able to go into BIOS and make the onboard graphics as PRIMARY. this will keep it enabled and allow you to run up to 2 monitors from onboard, plus 2 more monitors from your graphics card. this lets you use DVI and HDMI or VGA connections without having to resort to DisplayPort.
  7. Thank you very much ! It works. ! :) :)
  8. good to know! spread the news - lots of people know that installing a card automatically disables the onboard graphics, but few know that you can just manually re-enable it. :) enjoy the flexibility!
  9. Yes. You're right. Good to know. I'm surprised of it. Do not need to purchase extra hardware.
  10. *cough* there can always be use for MOAR HARDWHERE!!! as long as there's a PCIe slot empty, there's hardware that needs to fill it. doesn't matter what it is, even a USB1.1 card.
  11. Yes :) you right :)
    This is my desktop and three LCD's :)
  12. 8 screens :)

    Ignore the mess, still not done setting it up. Forex trading setup. Bottom right screen is a touchscreen for fast BUY/SELL controls.
  13. Wow :) this is awesome :) How is it connected for God's sake? : D
  14. the connections are easy - mostly DVI and HDMI using multiple cards.

    touchscreen = DVI from onboard graphics (i5-3570k)
    TV = VGA from GT610 (i had issues with HDMI and Win8 doing obnoxious scaling, so VGA avoids that)
    top 3 = DVI, DVI, HDMI from first GT640
    bottom 3 = DVI, DVI, HDMI from second GT640

    this leaves me with one free output from each card & onboard, so i can add 4 more screens if i really wanted to. or i can connect the TV to the onboard graphics and use the GT610 elsewhere if i ever need to.

    still need to clean up the cables, though - it looks messy.
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