Can't change theme, connect to internet, or update windows

I've recently rebuilt my system going from windows 8 to windows 7 ultimate. I had no problem installing or updating the OS, and it wasn't until about my third shutdown when it started having problems. When I started it up again, it was in classic theme. I can't change the theme back (all others are greyed out), can't connect to a network, I can't update windows. I've run full scans on Norton and malwarebytes, and neither found any malicious software. I don't know what to do because now I can't download or update anything to try to fix it because it won't let me connect to the internet.
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  1. I also have two locations for csrss.exe. C\windows\system32
    I know the first one is legitimate. Is the second real or a virus?
  2. Real. I have exactly the same.

  3. Ok, thanks. Then I'm at a loss for what's wrong.
  4. jf96125 said:
    Ok, thanks. Then I'm at a loss for what's wrong.

    Is the Win 7 install activated?
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