Trying to install new ram and pc won't boot up

So i'm having a problem here,today i just got 2GB ram pqi and normally i have 1 gb ram i tried adding plugging in both and it did not start at all,after that i tried both slots without the 1gb one that didn't work either i tried putting the 2gb one where the 1gb one was and that didn't work either anyone can help me?By the way my motherboard is ASUS P5LD2-X/1333 if it's needed.
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  1. Where did you get the RAM? Did you verify if it's was compatible with your board?

    Check your motherboard user manual, it usually contains a list of compatible RAM modules.

    A good place to get RAM is also directly from major manufacturer websites like Kingston, Crucial, Corsair, etc... They all have a "Memory Finder" or "Memory Configurator" section on their website and you just need to enter your PC or laptop model or in your case your motherboard model and it will automatically propose compatible RAM that is 100% guaranteed to work with your hardware.
  2. I got it from pqi and i did check if it's compatible and it said it is but yet it does not seem to start.
  3. Reinstall old RAM and check for a BIOS update. Also reset BIOS to factory default after the flash.

    Then reinstall new RAM and see if it works after the update.
  4. see if your computer will boot up with the old ram. If so, then you did not mess up your computer to a point where it's unfixable. You then know that the problem is the new ram. The solution is to get some new ram. And call in the warranty on the old ram (the ram that you just put in that you say doesn't work) if you can. If, even after you put in the old ram the computer doesn't start up... Well, this is something nobody likes to talk about.

    Good luck.
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    Shut down pull all the DRAM and reset the CMOS, then try the new stick in slot one and see if it boots, if it does, shut down and go into BIOS, raise DRAM voltage + 0.05, shut down, insert your old stick and give it a try
  6. Guys my pc does start with the old ram it has no problem but the new one doesn't work, should i try to change the voltage of the ram it says 1.8V or 1.5V or somewhere between.
  7. As mentioned in last post - raise DRAM voltage a little (suggested + 0.05) and then can try a little higher if needed
  8. Did you check for a new BIOS version and upgrade it? And then, reset your BIOS to default settings as I previously suggested?
  9. I would have done that MC, but i lost the BIOS cd and it would be risky for me to do that since i honestly have no clue but now it works thanks to Tradesman,just raised the voltage a little and now it works but thanks to everybody who tried to help me. #Solved
  10. Glad to hear all is well ;)
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