I need some help with the PSU

So I m planning to buy a
Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-Wifi
A10-7850k (Kaveri)
GeIL 8 GB DDR3-2400 Kit
Linkworld 920-01U Mini-ITX
integrated PSU 150W

Will the 150W be enough 4 the components?
Because its a custom made PSU for the case....
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  1. Included power supplies in any case are usually very poor.
  2. Well the CPU alone will eat 95w which leaves you with about 55w for the rest of the system. Assuming the PSU can and will make the full 150w it should probably run the PC but you may have issues down the road since it seems that PSU will running at or close to its power ceiling.
  3. yeah I know but is it enough , even with the fan Noctua NH-L9a...?
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    It should be. Assuming the psu outputs its rated power
  5. ok thx for the quick response I just hope it does....
  6. I wouldn't run it that close.
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