Eyefinity with odd sized monitors gives off odd resolution

I have 3 monitors and I am trying to run eyefinity.I have an AMD Radeon 7870 HD. I have an Asus monitor (23.6 inches) that runs at 1920X1080, a dell monitor ( 19 in) that runs at 1280X1024, and an AOC monitor (23.6 inches) That runs at 1920X1080. I know this is not ideal as one monitor is smaller than the others. What can I do to get eyefinity running properly on my setup?
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  1. you cant get eyefinity to run "properly" buy another screen wich is 1920x1080, or your hd screens will lower its graphics to the the (19) inch screen
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    Eyefinity only works when you have monitors that have the EXACT SAME resolution. The size may differ, but the resolution must be the same, or it won't work and you'll only be able to use them as seperate monitors.

    I'd reccomend selling all 3 and buying either 3 excatly the same monitors or a single 21:9 monitor.

    Good luck
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