Will my 450w psu power my hd 6870?

Long story short. My HCG 750 is too noisy(to my standard). I got a Antec VP 450 as a part of a combo which for some reason is dead silent.
I am wondering if I can power my hd 6870 with the VP 450.
Hd 6870 requires 2x 75w 6 pin connectors
Here is the spec of the psu
phenom II 830
3x2gb ddr3
stock cooler
1 case fan
no dvd
1 hdd
Note: the psu comes with only 1 6 pin. I am planning on using a 2x4molex to 6pin connector. Will that work?
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  1. Most 6870 suggests 500W but the Antec supply is a quality supply. I suspect even with the molex connector you will be ok.
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