Blue / Black Screen with White Dots. Games and system crashing randomly... Need help

Hi guys,

Recently I ran into a problem with my rig.

I was playing DayZ and the game just crashed on me giving me blue/black screen with white dots all around (see picture). where the other screen that I was not really using (secondary monitor) just lost connection and said "No video output".

It happened several times so I decided to fresh install my GPU drivers and update my Motherboard drivers. Did that, updated to latest version but same thing happened. Thought it was overheating so I cleaned the inside up, left side opened so more air could flow into it and the temp stays at 58c while playing.

I reduced the video quality in game and it didn't crash again... (strange)

Now I tried to play some Age Of Empires 3 with my friends and same thing happens all the time when I am 2 mins ingame

Weird noises, screen crashing and flashing, no signal in screen 2 and main screen blue/black with white dots.

Went into safe mode and uninstalled GPU drivers completely and installed the new ones again (Also tried older ones previously). Cleaned registry in the meantime and this did not help. Game was crashing again.

Decided to reinstall whole game and this time while I was doing this, the system crashed on me while performing the uninstall of AOE :|

Had to hard reset, when the windows flag was loaded up I got a blue screen informing about some GPU drivers wrong etc. Went into safe mode and uninstalled the game there, after that I got into windows fine and now I'm here.

Would you think this is GPU fault or System fault?
Would fresh windows install help?

My spec are:
Intel Liquid CPU Cooler


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  1. Well the temps are low, but they card may well have developed a defect(happens from time to time).

    I would try to downclock the gpu and its memory a bit to see if it stabilized.

    Once you confirm it is the card, you would have to RMA it.
  2. Hi,

    Would EVGA Precision X be good to downclock?

    See my screenshot:
  3. You can use the negative offset for sure.

    Lowering the power target will lower the clocks too, but I am not sure if it will lower the memory since it uses much less power than the gpu it self

    I am not sure how far you would have to go because that is a bad crash. If you are just a bit unstable you get a driver crash or corrupt image like these

  4. OK, I have formatted whole of C drive and installed fresh windows and drivers...

    Same thing happening to me so it's definitely GPU fault...

    I bought it in April 2013 from online shop. What should I do to get it replaced or repaired? Contact the shop or EVGA directly?

    Thanks for help!
  5. Best answer
    My guess would be EVGA, you can see if the shop can do anything first.

    I hear good things about EVGA support and warranty.
  6. nukemaster said:
    My guess would be EVGA, you can see if the shop can do anything first.

    I hear good things about EVGA support and warranty.

    I have sent my card back to the shop. They will test it and if they find it faulty they will send it back to EVGA.

    Approx waiting time is 1 month :(

    Thanks for your help Nuke
  7. Any time.

    I see you are able to post again :)
  8. nukemaster said:
    Any time.

    I see you are able to post again :)

    yeah once it works then it breaks and I cant post anymore lol... not sure what it is..

    ALMOST forgot... can you give me the name of that game that you posted in your screenshot 2 ?
    That motorbike thingy :D thanks
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