My new ssd-s write slower than my old sata 3.0 hdd?

2 weeks ago i bought a new intel 520 series 60gb ssd and yesterday i did some benchmark test.
First test

atto disk markt: write: 494
read: 554

It was ok near the original write and read

Second test

Crystal disk markt: read: 420 mb its ok....
write: 60 mb OMG What the .....?

third test:

as ssd benchmark: read: 480mb cool
write 71mb :(

Im worrying about this:(
Should i give it back ?
What can i do?

THis is a sata 3.0 ssd i plugged into the sata 3.0 port.
I checked the cable it is ok!
My motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUX IV HERO
My intel drivers up to date!!!
I installed the MB drivers.
I have tried everything:(
I downloaded itnel tool box and i optimized.
THe filmware is the latest!!
What can i do?

The atto disk markt test was great but the others are disgusting

Thanks for the answer!!!!!!
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  1. The drive uses compression to speed up writes ALL flash drives write slower than they read.

    ATTO is most likely testing with highly compressible data.

    You should at least notice that the depth tests on the SSD should be better than the hard drive.

    This drive(M4 128) does not rely on compression thus scores lower on compressible data, but scores about the same on non compressible. It is important to know that the access times alone will still make the SSD faster than almost any hard drive in real work use(aside of file large file transfers).

    Smaller drives are also much slower at writing.
    I have a Kingston 64gigabyte SSD
    read seq 244.6 write 129.2
    read 512k 174.8 write 88.25
    read 4k 9.892 write 20.95
    read 4k QD32 13.57 write 20.91

    I have faster hard drives(benchmark sequential), but they are not as fast in real world use.

    Please ensure you are in AHCI mode to allow the drive to perform its best.
  2. keep in mind that you need to give the time to do garbage collection in between benchmarks runs otherwise the drive will be forced to erace the cells in mid-benchmark which is what I suspect you were running into.

    SSD's cannot overwrite exisiting data, they must first erase the cells and then they can write. They also cannot just erase the cells they need. erasing is done in blocks so if the cell that needs to be written too is part of a block that has valid data in it the drive will first need to move the data, then erase the cell, and finally write....
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