Looking for a new Motherboard, old one's dead

Hey guys, my Motherboard has came back from the techshop and they've told me my motherboards capacitors have reached the end of their life (capaciwut?)

So my motherboard was the ASUS Crosshair Formula III. My GPU is a ATI XFX HD5870 and my CPU is a AMD Phenom II Black Edition X4 970.

So does anyone have any good suggestions of Brands or does anyone know a specific Motherboard that will work with my parts?

Looking to spend about £100-£150 on it, but I'm thinking that because my PC's GPU and CPU are a bit older I might be able to get a motherboard for cheaper. Anyway thank you for reading and any help.

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    Motherboards for that processor are still readily available. <a href="">ASUS M5A97 R2.0</a> for example, the price listed is here in Canada, but there are a lot of options for that processor still. Nice advantage for AMD processors at least
  2. Hey that looks pretty good, I mean as of now I only need a cheap motherboard just to get my PC working again so that could actually work very nice. Thank you for the help.

    If anyone has any other suggestions please do tell. Thanks.
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