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First Time building a budget Gaming PC [Around $500] Advice needed please!

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January 20, 2014 1:45:13 PM

Hey guys, This is going to be my first time to ever build a computer. I wasn't sure to buy a gaming pc from somewhere like or build to build one.

I only play games like League of Legends, Minecraft, and maybe if this pc is good enough I'll play WOW again.

ATM, I'm using my laptop to play league of legends on all low to get 60 fps. Minecraft on this PC is very chompy probably due to the bad stock GPU. This is the laptop I'm using right now.
I don't know if it's very good or not, but its has done me alright for the past 2 years.

I've done a bit of searching and I picked some pieces, I would like your guys insight on if it's good enough to run league on High settings with 60 fps and if the parts I have picked are compatible with each other. Also, if there is a part that is a bit lower priced with the same performance, I'd be willing to exchange. It would save me more money.

AMD FX-4300 or AMD FX-6300
I'm not sure which one of these is better or is there a better solution for cheaper or same price.

Motherboard -
MSI 970A-g43
Is this the right board?

Asus HD7790 or Radeon HD7770

Power Supply -
Corsair CX500 or Corsair CX430
Will 430W be enough, I'd like to save the most money as possible.

Memory -
G Skill Sniper or G Skill ripjaws
I can't tell the difference between the two even though their the same price. Is there a cheap alternative, same performance?

Case -
Rosewill Challenger Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower
If you guys find a cheaper case that'll be good too.

Hard drive -
Western Digital Blue 250gb

I don't need a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. I also have an extra copy of Windows 7.
This is passing my budget, but with the help of you guys I hope I can find parts a cheaper without losing much performance.

Also would this setup be better than my laptop by a lot or just a little?
Thanks in Advance!

a b 4 Gaming
January 20, 2014 1:54:15 PM

fx-6300 isnt bad.

970 chipset motherboard isnt terrible but you may need to update the bios to use that cpu. if you dont know what that is or how to do it get a 990x motherboard instead (like the 99x from asus)

you want 2x4gb 1600mhz ram or better. honestly both those models arent bad. it can go on sale for $68 sometimes.

a cx500m (modular version) would work

the cougar solution case is $30 and would work.

i'd go with a larger hard drive... but your choice.

of course... get the best video card you can with the remaining cash.


you really dont want to drop in price or you will have to start cutting back in areas which will either limit upgradeability or may hamper performance.
January 20, 2014 1:56:19 PM

Looks like you could use a website like pcpartpicker, it allows you to chose your parts, look at tons of other parts, find the cheapest price AND check for compatibility.
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January 20, 2014 1:56:39 PM

6300 is better but not by much, if the price difference is higher than 30$ go fx 4300, as for gpu go hd7790 since is the most important part when it comes to gaming.
a c 246 4 Gaming
January 20, 2014 1:57:14 PM

-The FX-6300 offers a nice performance boost over the 4300 for just an extra $10. I would definitely go with the 6300.
-Better motherboard:
The G43 has bad VRM heatsinks which leads to the VRMs overheating.
-The Asus 7790 is stronger and cheaper than the 7770 after rebate. It's definitely the better buy.
-Corsair CX430M:
$5 more and it's semi-modular which is helpful s you don't have all of those un-necessary cables lying around. 430w can handle this build but it will limit your upgrade options.
-Cheaper RAM, same performance:
-Cheaper case, also should have better cable management for better airflow:
-Double the HDD size for the same price:
January 20, 2014 1:58:37 PM

Do you think this build is better than the laptop I'm using atm?
January 20, 2014 2:07:34 PM

Also do brands matter? Like does it matter if I got the same performance ram from not a big name for like $20 cheaper?
a b 4 Gaming
January 20, 2014 2:19:39 PM

yeah... brands can definitely matter in some cases.

warranties are better with some brands. quality is better with some brands.
a c 246 4 Gaming
January 20, 2014 2:42:56 PM

Depends on the brand.
RAM is so basic that most companies offer lifetime warranty for it. For RAM, brand shouldn't really matter much unless you're going with an unknown brand like the one they use in pre-built computers.
a b 4 Gaming
January 20, 2014 2:48:35 PM

yeah but some companies like gskill have great customer service. also their sticks tend to be decent quality. some companies you practically have to beg for a rma. i remember it took 5 emails and a phone call to get ocz to rma some sticks once....

January 20, 2014 5:45:31 PM

Alright so the real question is how big of a jump in performance is this build to the laptop I have atm?

Best solution

a b 4 Gaming
January 20, 2014 6:01:16 PM

the laptop you have now uses integrated graphics... so it should be pretty significant. or in other words... you can play games that you can not play on your laptop.

the new build if using the hd7790 gpu should be capable of good framerates on games like bf4 at medium or perhaps high graphics if you disable AA and are fine with less than 50fps. i doubt your laptop can even run very well at low.
a c 246 4 Gaming
January 20, 2014 6:03:24 PM

It will be heaps stronger in games.
January 27, 2014 7:17:43 AM

I went the Intel route. My build was under $300 and it runs BF3 at 50-60 frames at Ultra settings. It took a few months to find deals and parts, but it is so worth it! I highly suggest looking into Intel, and if you're looking for better frames, jump up to the AMD Radeon HD7850 or even the HD 7870. Those get awesome performance. A bigger HDD would be a good investment for only a few extra dollars.

If you really want to stick with those two procs, get the FX-6300. The extra L2 cache will help out. You've got a good motherboard in mind, just remember that things change, so upgrades may not be possible.

This setup would easily kill your laptop in performance by the graphics card alone. Mobile CPU's don't run as fast or as strong as a Desktop CPU, so that would also benefit you. I'd say that the best way to build a budget machine is to wait and research, then look for the cheapest things possible that will fit your needs, as you will probably upgrade to a new machine anyway. Good luck, and have fun building!