Can my computer run skyrim

My specs are:

AMD® Quad Core™ A4 5000M® 1.5GHz x 4
Highly Rated AMD Quad Core
Unique Spec, Faster Ram
Hard Drive
500GB HDD with Anti Shock, Drop Proof with Lifetime Warranty
Not Found On Others of Same Spec
Gives Your Data the Highest Level of Protection
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit +
Huge Software Package inc Office 2013 Web Apps
AMD® Radeon ™ Dedicated 1GB 8570M HD
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  1. By itself? or as part of a dual setup? I'm looking at entry #207
  2. I would say barely... but just barely. And by barely, I mean low settings, with everything off. It definitely wouldn't be a very enjoyable experience on your end.
  3. I do not see that playing Skyrim very well, if at all.
  4. See my reply in this other thread of yours asking the same question.

    Try not to start more than one thread regarding the same question.

    It will be locked shortly.
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