problems adding hdd to existing ssd setup.

my setup was running great. 120 gb ssd. needed extra space so i bought a 1tb hdd. plugged it in. windows didnt boot. ssd no longer detected. hdd also not detected. tried switching cables and sata slotd. nothing is working. bios detects dvd player in all slots it is moved to. sata controller is enabled.currently ahci mode. i just dont know what to do now. help please!
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  1. Your computer no longer detects the SSD even when it's the only thing plugged in?
  2. It does not.I have brought everything back to the original setup, cable,sata slots and all and still windows does not boot up nor is ssd detected.
  3. Have you tried connecting the DVD player cable to the SSD? Since you already tested the ports, the next step would be to test the cables. Usually if you can't detect a drive, the interface cable is bad or the drive died.
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    Also if you have another computer, try testing your SSD to make sure that the SSD still functions. If it does still function, then you at least know it's something with your computer and not the drives. Try resetting the BIOS and see if it changes anything.
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