200$ cpu upgrade need help.

so the i5 3570k is on sale 160$ i was originaly thinking about the i3 4340 i want it to play games my budget is 200$ and i want something that can play them all be honest if the i3 can play them all i dont want to waste my money as im very tight on money what would be the best upgrade?
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  1. What are your current system specs?
  2. oops i just picked you as solution anyways
    corsair hx 850
    corsair h100
    8gb ddr3 1600
    radeon 5870 2b eyefinity edition
  3. It really depends what games you are playing. Obviously the i3 4340 is a locked multiplier, so no full overclocking like the 3570k. I've got the 4330, a step below what you are looking at, and I can play most games such as Crysis 3, civ 5 and other similar demanding titles with a GTX 660 video card, on at least medium-high, running over 40fps at 1080p. With a stronger GPU, the i3 won't let you down, but the quad core, especially if you overclock it a bit, will still be better in the long run as games become more threaded etc.
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    What CPU and motherboard are you currently using? Depending on what you have, you may be better off with a better GPU. The 5870 is close to HD 7850 performance, iirc.
  5. asrock 880gm le fx and phenom 965 oc to 4ghz
  6. To be honest, an i3 I don't think would be that huge of an upgrade over your current CPU vs what an i5 would get you. Despite its age, your GPU really isn't all that bad.

  7. also just got a 4670k on sale 160 i need a motherboard now and will pst when i get it.
  8. Asrock Z87 Extreme4 is my pic for MB.
  9. ehh i bought a cheap motherboard for now to stay on my budget but probably here in a few weeks im getting a z87 mobo thanks for your help all!
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