How does a GTX 780 Ti Compare to 2x 7950s in Crossfire?

Would a single 780 Ti be a "downgrade" compared to a 7950 Crossfire setup? I don't generally have any bad experiences with Crossfire, so I'm talking about raw frames per second. Would a Ti feel like a downgrade from two 7950s?


Bonus Question! Suppose I did swap my 7950s for a 780 Ti and decided to buy another 780 Ti for SLI, would my Thermaltake Smart Series 850W PSU be sufficient? It's 88% efficient with 12V Rail @ 70A.

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  1. 7950 CF will give you more fps.

    Yes the PSU will be enough, but it's close... I wouldn't add lots of hdds, fans, etc.,4.html
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    One GTX 780 Ti doesn't compare at all with two HD 7950s in Crossfire. Two HD 7950s in crossfire crush a single GTX 780 Ti. It's not even close so it would be a huge downgrade.

    BONUS: says that the card draws 250W and the minimum recommended PSU for one is 600W so add 250W to that and you hit 850W. You should be alright. GeForce GTX 780 Ti Specifications
    I caution you however that your current setup is already so powerful that it can play ANY game at max settings with no problems. Changing your GPU setup would be a complete waste of money at this time.
  3. i am also wanting to know more about this sorry to thread jack. But i want to know if its worth me getting another 7950 to add to the one i currently own which is less than $200 or get a GTX 780. baised on your responses to his statement it seem you would rather leading me in the direction of 7950 Crossfire.
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