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I am building my new gaming rig and i want a large (28-32"ish) 1440p monitor. Wide viewing angles, good colors, 120hz refresh, and a thin bezel so i can set up multiple is always a plus. I will be hooking up 2 GeForce GTX 760 gpu's in SLI so i don't think that running at 1440 with a decent framerate will be a problem. I have done some shopping around and havent found anything i love. Thank you!
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    I have a U2713HM and love it...though you can definitely go bigger with the 30inch Ultrasharp. IMO, the BEST 1440p monitor out there (for gaming) will be the upcoming ASUS ROG PG278Q:

    120Hz, 1440p, and the much anticipated G-Sync. Sure its not an IPS, but I think for 800.00 you can get a better gaming experience.
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