new build with 7790 GPU problem

I just built a new PC and it has been fine for the past 3 days..but today the screen started showing black shapes and tears while playing WoW. Also the text on the desktop goes from clear to blurry..almost flickering. I uninstalled and reinstalled the GPU drivers and programs. I also tried under and over clocking using the GPU tweak program it came with. Not sure what is causing the problem.

GPU temps range 40-60 Celsius, GPU clock 300-457 MHz, memory clock bounces 600-6400mhz(is this normal?), voltage is 1225-1387mV.

FX6300 six core processor
Corsair cx500 PSU
Asus directcu II oc hd 7790 2gb gpu
8 GB ram

Any help would be great.. Thanks!
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    The card is defective. Return it for a replacement. It's just that simple. If the drivers were bad, they'd have caused problems from day one.
  2. Here's a quick update.. If I bump the voltage up a bit I start getting black squares all over the place, but if I turn it down.. nothing happens, it's still flickering and black tears.

    I just remembered that this happened on day one but went away when I did a restart so I thought nothing of it.. But now it's been constant for several hours now.
  3. Ok since someone selected the solution for me.. Can you suggest whether I send back for replacement or refund and switch to a 650 ti?
  4. I would stick with the HD 7790. It's a Hawaii-based card like the R9-290X and it has TrueAudio. It will be easier to just get a replacement and the performance of both cards is similar, nothing that you'd notice from one to the other. This is especially true if the GTX 650 costs more.
  5. I
  6. I believe I fixed this problem.

    I highly believe the problem lies within the GPU Tweak program that the GPU comes with. I was messing around with it and whenever I press "default" the glitches start immediately. I restart my computer, play my game with 0 problems, collapse and start GPU Tweak..and hit default and the problems start.

    I uninstalled this and have been playing for several hours without a single issue.
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