Best MOBO for FX-6300 to GTX 650 Ti Boost?

Hi, I am confused with mixed answers and reviews about motherboards for the fx-6300 and such, so I would like to know-

What is the best motherboard under $100 (Canadian price) for a FX-6300 and GTX 650 Ti Boost, would like to OC a little in the future and upgrade the GPU and CPU as I experience the computer.

I have heard goods and bad about the following boards, quick answers are appreciated! Thanks!

ASUS M5A97 R2.0
ASROCK Extreme3
MSI 970A-G43

I know there are a few more, but these are the ones I could remember. If you know any other ones for $100 or less for better performance please tell me
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  1. Asus M5A91 r2.0
  2. Asus should be the first choice, the Rock would be second
  3. I am also using, and I will not mind if the good ones require a mail-in rebate
    Also would like to know how mail-in rebates work

    (Some i found that look good but with rebate)
    Asrock Fatal1ty H87
    Asrock H87 Pro4
    ASRock Z77 Extreme3
    Asrock Z87 Pro3
  4. Need to decide on a CPU and let us know - the first mobos were AMD - now you are throwing out Intel 1150 and 1155 mobos - tell us a CPU and we can steer you to a good mobo - a budget # for the mobo would help also
  5. Very good mobo for $100

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Motherboard: Asus M5A97 R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard ($99.75 @ Vuugo)
    Total: $99.75
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-01-20 21:56 EST-0500)
  6. bump
  7. Bumping is not allowed on the forums..... if you tell us what CPU you plan to use, then I or someone else could help - what you've put up so far doesn't make any sense, it's all over the place Need a CPU that you plan to use and a budget - otherwise you are simply wasting peoples time
  8. Well I have a FX-6300, like I stated, and I said in a reply before that I did not know that those boards were all Intel, and the M5A97 doesn't seem to have a USB 3.0 on the top.

    Also I need a board that has USB 3.0 because my case has it
  9. We don't know that's what you want when you throw out all these different mobos - for the 6300 the M5A97 R2 has an onboard USB3 header and 3 USB2 headers also has 2 external on the back panel for USB3

    can see the specs at the Egg
  10. Best answer
  11. Ok, thanks. Could you also happen to explain why the reviewer is saying 1/5 stars?
  12. They are talking about the previous mobo they had, a EVO and saying they had problems with it, but from the sounds of it, I would guess they had a faulty hard drive - the reviewer says that this mobo is fine
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