Lots of Freezing and Problems (Brand new Windows 8)

Hey guys,
I dont really know where to start. I decided I wanted to upgrade to Windows 8. I got a copy and installed it. Everything went smoothly. Installed it and it ran perfectly fine. A few days later (yesterday) I came down and went to get on my PC and it was off. Very rare for me cause I dont turn it off. I tried to turn it on and it got to the blue screen with the windows logo and then a black screen and it just sat there. After a long time, it slowly got to the point where i could log in. I did but it just kept freezing. I would click and it would freeze for a long time then come back then freeze. I reinstalled windows and deleted everything on my hard drive. Its running better but is still freezing pretty often. I am really not sure what to even test. I did a chkdsk and it found nothing and MemTest showed nothing. Its really annoying and I just dont know what I should do to try and fix this. Can someone help me with this? Any programs I can run or tests to do? I built this PC:
Z77 Motherboard
Amd Radeon 7850
8gb Kingston Ram
Intel i5 3570k
Thanks for any help!
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  1. You said "upgrade to Windows 8". I'm assuming you still have a Windows 7 disk and a serial number. I'd install Windows 7 again and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you probably had a bad driver somewhere in your Windows 8. If it doesn't, it's most likely a hardware defect.
  2. Yea thats what I assumed the best move would be. Oddly enough my problems have not occurred since I posted this haha. One of my fans randomly just got a lot louder but I really don't think its the problem. I will probably just revert to 7 and see what happens and post back
  3. Yeah, please do, I'm really curious.
  4. aevm said:
    Yeah, please do, I'm really curious.

    Ok so I tried to reinstall 7 and after it completed, I tried to run it and got an error. Could a faulty hard drive be causing all of this? When I launched it it said there could be a problem with an external device or a hard drive. Said something about not being able to load windows/system32/winload.exe or something like that.
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    Yes, it does sound like a bad hard drive. I'm assuming you didn't have any USB devices and you only had one hard drive when you got that "problem with an external device or a hard drive".

    I'd buy this SSD and install Windows on it:
  6. Alright, I bought an SSD as well as a new hard drive and all seems well! Thanks! But i do have one quick question and don't want to make a whole new thread... My case fan, the one on top of my Case, gets really loud randomly. Then it will stop and start every couple of hours. Do I just need to buy a new fan? Thanks
  7. Glad to hear you fixed it :)

    About the fan - when you run something intensive temperatures go up, the MB commands the fan to move faster, that leads to more noise for a while.
    On the other hand, the noise could also happen because the fan is going bad. It may just need lubrication, or it may be out of alignment, or clogged by dust.

    Try cleaning the fan (if you have a can of compressed air that would be perfect, or just blow on it). If that doesn't fix it, then change it.

    The quietest fans I can think of are made by Noctua and they cost around $25. Nexus makes good stuff too and it costs less. I don't know if your fan is 120mm or 140mm so I won't give you links but you can search at Newegg or wherever you prefer. Use to find the best deals.

    Here's a good article about the quietest fans if you want
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