Cant change Core Voltage Msi Afterburner

Okay so, I want to over clock a little bit for a nice fps boost in games, however, i cant seem to unlock the core voltage...
I am using an Hd7750 Graphics card with the latest driver. The core voltage is at 0. Any one know how I can unlock it and adjust it a little? (like give me a bit more fps in games without overheating)
Thanks! :)
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  1. Not all cards support voltage changes.

    I think the 7750 falls into this category

    You may be able to get a slight core boost still without extra voltage.
  2. Thanks, and I also wanted to know about overclocking safety. I am running Tomb Raider (the new one) On HIGH settings and my GPU usage is 99 and my GPU temperature is around 54-56. My Memory clock is 800 and my Fan speed is 70%. Core clock is 900. Am I doing things right?
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    Well the temps seem ok, If you go too far, you will most likely cause a crash or cause video artifacts.

    99% usage is normal for a demanding game.

    It will be up to you if the extra performance is worth overclocking for(and how far you can go is limited by the software and the gpu since all are a bit different).
  4. Okay, wow! I just got blue screen D: so i set everything back to the default.... Is there anyway i can overclock just a little bit and squeeze out an extra 10 fps? This is my default:
  5. the problem with getting an extra 10 fps is all games are different a game that you are getting like 200+ fps getting 10 more does not help and is not that hard to get. Now a game that you are getting 40 at will be much harder to get 10 more as that is over 20% more performance and not just a small overclock any more.

    As an example, an GTX 670 with a factory base clock of 1006 only scores about 3-5 fps more than one with a factory base clock of 915(that is 91mhz more). Now boost does come into play at some point on these card, but it gives you and idea of how much is needed on more demanding games. Even a GTX 680 does not get 10 fps than a GTX 670 is demanding games.

    I think this is a case of wanting a bit too much from the hardware. Since the 7770 is a mid level card, I think you are best just adjusting you settings(lower shadows a bit turn off SOAA and turn down AA) to match the performance you want. It will be safe for the hardware and does not always look that much worse.
  6. Thank You Nukemaster, you saved the day :D
  7. please me too I cant change anything
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  8. If the card does not support the ability to change voltage. Software will simply not allow it.
  9. SOLUTION: Also make sure: Download/install MSI Afterburner 4.3.0 Beta 4. Go to Settings and check Unlock Voltage Control and Unlock Voltage Monitoring. Works for me now on my MSI 1070. May not on other cards. Game on!!
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