Is Windows 7 able to run multiple video card drivers?

I am getting a new video card(a geforce GT520) and i need to know if i need to uninstall the driver from my integrated video card.. the video card that is integrated is a intel g33/g31 express chipset family..
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    There is no reason they both shouldnt run along side each other (but you can only use 1 at a time).

    Just install your new card, plug the monitor into it, install drivers for it. check it works ok, then disable the intergrated gfx in the bios. No real need to uninstall the drivers for it after that, they just wont get loaded once its disabled.
  2. NO. No need to uninstall any drivers. Only ready why you would need to uninstall is either if you remove it or if you are upgrading the drivers. Its best to do a clean install (Which Nvidia gives you the option to when you upgrade drivers)
  3. Ok thanks to you both!
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