New Custom Built PC, Trouble with Drive

So here is what is going on:

1. I have a Custom Tower I just built (Gigabyte Z87-D3HP mobo, Intel 4770k, full build here:
2. I bought a 3TB Seagate Backup plus, snagged the drive out, and obviously this POS drive has a different sata controller so I reinitialize the disk in my machine. Format. Transfer Files over.
3. All is fine for like a week, I plug an external mouse dongle in my computer, BSOD, I panic assuming the worst.
4. Reboot, mobo posts, and the screen hangs on the bios.
5. Reboot again.. and again.. and again.. trying to even access the bios. No bueno.
6. Assume the worst again, strip out all the recently installed components.. nothing,
7. Unplug all sata drives, boots, add each drive to find the culprit.. Seagate is the criminal in question.
8. Connect Seagate via normal SATA to USB... connects just fine... put back in.. causes system to hang.

I have the bios set up so that it will boot from my primary drive and even have the Seagate in sata port 4. Still hangs. I'm at a loss here since the drive works via a "normal" sata controller now and has been booting just fine for the past week. Any advice?
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  1. I had a friend suggest to re-flash the latest firmware to the board and the drive to see if that will fix it. Are there any other suggestions?
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