Constant BSOD On new system

I installed Windows 8 onto a new system im building for a friend, and i keep getting non-stop BOSD for different reasons. These are the common error messages:


Ive even used the computer for 15 minutes at a time to get things loaded, then it just BOSD of me. And a lot of times it will freeze up on the boot screen. Ive done a memory scan and it showed no errors, idk what it could be


AMD A10 7850k APU
16gb Team Vulcan 2133mhz RAM
Asus A55BM-A Motherboard
!TB Western Digital 7200rpm HDD
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  1. You will get that with memory corruption, it can be caused my RAM issues or device drivers. (even RAM overclocking, or incorrect timings set)

    I would start by making a BIOS update to the current version,
    turn off all overclocking, confirm my memory timings are set correctly,
    and running a memory tester.

    If that works I would boot the OS, confirm that my OS files are not corrupt using the
    sfc.exe /scannow command
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