cable router with DSL modem - how to use a modem/router as just a modem?

We have a dsl boradband connection. Previously, we used a Motorola 331 router. We wanted a faster router, with gigabit ethernet, mostly for the NAS connection.

We bought a tp link archer c7 ac7150 and sold the Motorola router.

Since the TP link didn't plug right in to the phone line so we used and old modem/router we had (actiontec pk 5000) and turned off it's wifi broadcast. Then we plugged an ethernet cord from the modem to the tp router.

It does connect and it is a faster NAS connection but browsing is slower and pings take a long time.

Is there an ADSL modem we should use?

Is there something better we can do between the router and the phone jack? Is this why our network is slow?

Do we need to turn off the router function of the actiontec so it just works as a modem? if so how?

Thanks for your help.
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    An ADSL router would have been best.. do you have the Actiontec pk 5000 connected to the wan port on the tp link?
    This is wrong.

    Look at the dhcp settings on your routers,
    make sure the tp link has a management ip in the same network range that the actiontec pk 5000 would give to computers. then turn off dhcp on the tp link.

    Make sure the action link is connected to the LAN ports on the tplink, not the wan port..
    This will leave you with the Actionlink working as the DHCP server/ internet gateway, and the TP link acting as a gigabit switch/wireless access point.

    Yes an adsl router would be better but this would be fine. It's what i did before I got fiber.
  2. Thanks so much, Urumiko. We did that and it seems to be working faster now.
  3. Thanks for letting me know :)
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