I3-2120 Running at 101 Celsius!

I just noticed this.. After 1 year of using this computer..

It runs perfectly fine but did I damage all my parts? what parts do I need to replace? do I need to build a new computer am I screwed?

If not I"ll just reapply the thermal paste.. Cause I think I applied it wrong.
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    Are you sure its 101 C and not F? Overheating doesn't necessarily mean you damaged anything, you can overheat without damaging the components. Best to reapply the thermal paste and make sure you properly installed the heatsink, sometimes the heatsink seems to be applied correctly, but one or two corners aren't fully secured which can lead to over heating.
  2. reapply the thermal paste. See if that fixes it. What cooler are you using? You may need a new one.
  3. Yeah had the same thing happen to me with a lga 1366 i7 920. if using the stock Intel heat-sink check the mounting screws if you aren't careful they will pop loose if you aren't absolutely sure they are in correctly.
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