Should I put my AF120 or my SP120 on my Corsair H80i CPU Cooler?

Having a bit of a dilemma here. I am going to be cooling an AMD FX-8320 with an H80i, and have SP120 fans, and AF120 fans, which should I put on replace the original fan with? The reason I am asking is because the AF120 I have is an LED fan, and I want to see it in my build. I know that the AF is for air flow, and the SP is for static pressure, but really what's the difference? And what do you recommend I should use for my CPU cooler?
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  1. You should use the SP's for the H80i and the AF's as regular case fans.
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    Use the SPs. They are made for use with radiators, thats where the static pressure comes is. You can use the AFs as case fans, thats what they are made for, moving lots of air with little resistance.
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