[First Build] Would appreciate reviews/advices/suggestions!

Motherboard : Asrock H87 Fatality Performance
CPU: LGA1150 Intel Core i5-4570 3.2-3.6Ghz
Memory : Gskills Ripjaws X 8GB 4gbx2 DDR3 1600 CL8
Video Card : Sapphire R9-280X Vapor-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384bit
Power Supply : Corsair TX750M 750watts 80PLUS Bronze (Modular)
Storage : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB, ST1000DM003 (SATA 6 Gb/s)
Optical Drive : LG GH24NS95 24x DVD Writer
Casing : Cougar Solution ATX Gaming Chassis
Approx. Total : $1002.54 (I just converted this over the internet. Lol)

1. Should I get Core i5-4670 that costs $13-15 more?
2. What's the difference between CL8 and CL9?
3. Is the Power Supply enough to handle my Video Card?

Planning to use this mainly for gaming and probably use a single 1080p monitor. Btw, I did some research about the parts and I just need some advices as I will buy it next week.

Website for other parts and pricing: Link
Country of Origin : Philippines
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    1) The only difference between the 4570 and the 4670 is the clock speed. The 4670 has a 100Mhz bump over the 4570 and since its not much more, get the 4670

    2) The CL is the latency or the time it takes for the memory to be accessed. Lower is better

    3) That power supply has more than enough juice for your system

    Overall your build is well put together
  2. Looks like a good build but to answer your first question the 4670 would be a bit better and it's not too much more money so I say go for it. If you want to reach the real potential of your build get the 4670k and overclock it, that's the best way to go. To answer your second question the difference between the two. Is not going to be noticeable but in benchmarks the cl8 will be slightly better. Finally yeas your psu can handle it all with ease
  3. Thank you for the responses!
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