amd fx 8350 or intel core i5 4670

amd fx 8350 or intel core i5 4670 for playing watch dogs

fx 8350 meets the recommended requirements of watch dogs but intel core i5 4670 does not
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  1. Trolling thread really?
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    Here is some benchmarks to help you chose

    They are both nice CPU's and will get the job done. But the I5 takes the prize i some aspects.
  3. sounds like a crock, since in any other game the i5 is faster than an 8350. Funny the graphics card specs arent so high though, would be unusual for a game to rely more on cpu than gpu. I would like to see an actual performance review of this game.
  4. Don't take him seriously guys! On every CPU based thread he writes only lines like "get the 8350 its the best" and lines like that.
    And now I'm not against the CPU itself, I'm against the mindless praising on every CPU forum thread.
  5. The i5 4670k has a 3DMark11 Physics score of 6820, whereas the FX-8350 has a physics score of 6870 so it's a tad faster in that respect.

    That doesn't paint a whole picture though, and you should know that the i5 has fewer cores, but they are stronger, whereas the FX-8350 has more cores, but they are weaker. That means the i5 has better single-threaded performance and the FX-8350 has better multi-threaded performance.

    In Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, and Battlefield 4 (which take advantage of as many cores you can throw at them) the FX-8350 comes out on top most of the time. However, in older games and applications that don't utilize multi-threading the i5 4670k wins out most of the time.

    So there you go, both are fantastic processors and each has it's strong suits.

    TL;DR go with the FX-8350 if you use a lot of multi-threaded applications, go with the i5 4670k if you use a lot of single-threaded applications.
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