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I just received my SSD and I want to use it for storing my OS and games but I'm not sure what the correct procedure is for doing this properly. I keep reading that the data migration software really isn't safe and will ruin the performance of the SSD. Do I need to completely uninstall everything from my HDD before removing it from my pc? Also will I need to call microsoft for another Win7 key in order to install my OS on the SS?
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    Heya The_Assassin.

    You might like this guide:

    About the Windows 7 Key. No you do not need to call Microsoft. If you got the key, then you can use it on any new/future PCs. But only 1 at the time.
  2. Well, I have Win7 OEM and from my understanding is that you can't install it to any other motherboard but since I'm just trying to install it to my SSD, will I have to get another key?
  3. nope u dont need any other key.
  4. No. I've had countless of Win7 OEM keys and they all worked fine on other motherboards.

    All you need to have/do is:

    1: The OS key. If you can't find it, use Speccy:
    2: Download a new ISO (You can use the link i gave you above)
    3: Install OS and insert the key. It will say that you need to validate the key by calling an automated phone system and type in some numbers and that is it.
  5. Okay. Will I need to uninstall everything from my HDD before removing it from my pc if I plan on using it for storage once my SSD is installed or do I just need to uninstall my OS?
  6. Here is how you could do it.

    1: Fresh Windows install with eveything erased
    2: Clone the HDD to the SSD. When done. Boot up on the SSD and format the HDD
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