I have a new computer which I ordered with 1TB hdd but the guy put in two 500gb HDD instead. I want them to work as one drive

Unable to change hdd properties. I bought a new pc and ordered a 1tb hdd but the guy put in two 500gb drives and when I try to enter the bios to change drive properties ( I was told to set drives to raid zero), I get something called Asrock UEFI setup. Does this replace normal bios. I would appreciate any help. I have tried altering file path when I save docs but this doesn.t work. I am running windows 7. Thank you.
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  1. Yes UEFI has replaced the BIOS. Under advanced in the UEFI you should have a setting that says something like "storage configuration" change that to RAID and save your settings and reboot. During reboot you will see another screen come up it will be the RAID configuration utility. Eenter that utility and configure your RAID 0 array. This will make your 2 hard drives 1 1TB hard drive. WARNING you will loose all of the data you currently have on your disks you will have to reinstall windows and your risk of boot drive failure and data loss will increase.
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