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I am thinking of upgrading my old HP Pavilion a1730n by buying a new GPU. It has a 300W PSU, I am thinking of adding the R7 250 GPU but want to know if the PSU if adequate to handle the new GPU in my desktop.
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  1. Probably not!

    HP is usually very close to the power requirements to cover exactly what's in the computer, because any upgrading they want you to go through them!

    You can get what you need from Newegg, and it's probably time to replace that power supply anyway, just make sure you get the right type to fit the case.


    After researching the HP Pavilion A1730N, your case houses a full size ATX power supply and the GPU requires a 500w system so this is my recommendation.

    You can cheap out if you want, that's up to you!

    Hope this helps you!
  2. Yeah, you should replace that psu first. Get a good 450W at least, like the xfx pro series or the cheaper but decent Corsair CX 430
  3. What about the R7 240? Would I need to upgrade my PSU with that card instead?
  4. PSU is usually the most important part in a pc.
    Take into consideraton buying low psu, you will have to change it always when you upgrade the pc.
    Better get one good to keep you for some time.
    xfx 550w is very good for that upgrade.
    but if you intend to get a better upgrade in future get a higher psu (will spare you money at that time to invest in something else)
    like seasonic 620w
  5. why not get a hd 7750?
    it can run perfectly on your psu
  6. Can it? It's not the fact if it can run it, I'm worried if about if the GPU and the rest of the parts will run. I'm not too knowledgable with PSU's so I don't want to fry my only computer because of lack of knowledge.
  7. yes hd 7750 can. it will only draw at maximum 75w from the mainboard (full load) and requires no psu pin connectors.
    well that if you own the psu which I found on hp website which was like 400w.
    it is still unsafe. but no gpu will fry your pc. if it can't get enough power from your psu it simply won't start.
    if you have the money upgrade at least to a corsair cx 500w, xfx 550w, seasonic 520w or antec psu and add a 7770 since right now is at best price for performance.
    if not try the 7750. should work if your psu can get 300w to power the system. if not the gpu simply won't run.
  8. Sayken said:


    Well, from what I found, I only have 300W PSU.
  9. is it at least approved or 80+?
    tell me the exact name of the psu and the info on it.
  10. Sayken said:
    is it at least approved or 80+?
    tell me the exact name of the psu and the info on it.

    That should be the PSU in my system.
  11. Best answer
    quite the weak psu x.x
    well I suggest you take your pc with you to a pc parts selling shop. if there is one.
    I have a 400w psu from a prebuilt pc caled fujitsu siemens scaleo P2 and can't power even a 7750 cause it simply doesn't live up to it's standards. (is a wonder if it can power 250w from the 400 lol)
    try the 7750 and see if it works.
    if not just get a new psu like xfx 550w pro, antec 520w hcg, corsair cx 500w, seasonic s12-520w, cougar powerX 550w v2 (v1 was pure crap, v2 doesn't fall behind seasonic one). and add a hd 7770 or higher depending on your budget. 7850 looks nice.
    the only r7 gpu I see fit at it's price would be r7 270.
    rest are just rebranded hd 7000 series at huger prices. still that depends where you live.
    from my own point of view any damn prebuilt pc from (hp, acer, asus....) needs a psu upgrade. they buy crap for psu -.-" (maybe not for all pcs but for some yes!)
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