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I have purchased a new SSD to replace my existing HDD as my main (C: ) drive on my computer. I intend to re-install windows so its got a fresh copy to run as fast as possible. To avoid total failier I was intending to un-plug my exising HD (C: ) just incase something goes really wrong so I have a copy to quickly.

I assume when I plug in the new SSD without the exisitng plugged it will allocate it as the new C: drive and I can install windows on that. The question I have is when I plug other HD back in (which was formally C: ) will this cause a conflict??? or will it simply allocate a new drive letter and work fine?

As before I dont want to reformat prior to install to make sure that if worse comes to worst and the new SSD dont install or is faulty then I can simply plug back in and works as usual. I am just concerned that when I plug in to reformat its likely to cause a conflict as both will have windows on and formally allocated as C:

I hope this makes sence and thank you in advance for any helpful advice.
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    Windows allocates drive letters when it loads. There is no way it will allocate the same drive letter to two drives or partitions.

    When you re-attach your old HDD to the system, Windows will allocate the next available drive letter to it.
    Letter 'C' will not be available because it's already in use by the SSD, so there is no way there will be a conflict.

    And, yes, when installing Windows you should always disconnect any other hard drives that aren't required for the installation.
  2. Many thanks for your help
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