URGENT HELP PLEASE - Cannot get into PC bois, no internet solutions work

Hello & thank you for reading.

My problem is I recently installed a new graphics card (nvidia geforce gtx 760) and my computer starts up SO SLOW sometimes it fails to start and goes into grey screen, I need to change my bios settings to make sure that it's starting up in the right format because I think it's trying to run in the wrong one, when I start my computer up, the gigabyte screen comes up for about 1-2 minutes (VERY LONG TIME) and says ''press DEL to enter bios" and other options, but no matter how much i press it, how long i press it in for the bios will NOT open at all, It just keeps trying to start the pc like normal, can someone help me please (the computer does start up I'm using it to type this now but I need to change some things in the bios) Thank you.
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  1. Was the previous card and drivers removed properly and what card did you have before?
  2. If this problem started after installing the new GPU, something's wrong with the drivers.
    Did you install the latest drivers for your card?
  3. Yes I removed them before installing my new graphics card (old one was nvidia geforce gtx 620)
  4. Did you install new drivers?
  5. Yes, I know a lot about my drivers and things, I double checked them and they say they are up to date, (sorry I fell asleep earlier long day at work) I have the Nvidia Geforce experience too so I instantly get notified for any changes and things. :)
  6. Post your full system specs so it is easier to diagnose.
  7. Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
    intel(R) core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @3.40 GHZ (8CPUs), -3.9GHZ
    8GB ram
    DirectX 11
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 2gb
  8. Power supply?
  9. 650 watt
  10. Latest BIOS installed on the motherboard?
  11. American Megatrends inc. F12, 25/04/2012
  12. Since I do not know the board I do not know if the latest.
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