Did I kill my Motherboard?

Motherboard: MSI 7778 Jasmine, supports AMD APU series, officially the Trinity series APUs.
Computer: HP Pavilion P6-2327c http://

I was upgrading my APU from the A8-5500 (originally from the A6-5400k) to the A8-6500. (Yes, I know the Richland series is not OFFICIALLY supported, just bare with me).

Everything was up and running, but I heard the CPU fan grinding a little, so I opened it up to tighten a loose screw. There was a loose screw and I tightened it, BUT for some reason, I proceeded to remove the fan and clean off the old thermal paste off the APU and Heat Sink & Fan. I was using a 50% Water 50% Isopropyl Alcohol solution.

When applying the thermal paste , and being the idiot I am, the APU was not mounted in the motherboard, but I had it sitting on the side panel that came off my case; thus, while lifting the APU off the side panel towards the motherboard, my fingers made contact with the thermal paste (DYNEX Silver Thermal Paste http://...I picked it up at a local Best Buy) and some of it somehow got on the bottom of the APU. I proceeded to mount the APU then the heat sink & fan. I hooked up the computer.

The computer started up but it froze past the HP Logo. I could hear the computer make a Click...Click....CLICCCCK, Click...Click....CLICCCCK sound. I opened up the computer again, I found some of the thermal paste on the motherboard itself around the CPU mount, so I cleaned that off with the 50/50 solution. I also removed the APU and, with a needle dipped in the solution, I began clearing the pins; I got most of it.

Same thing happened when I turned on computer. The computer froze past the HP Logo and I got the Click...Click...CLICCCK.. So I again, opened up the computer and took out the A8-6500 and inserted the A8-5500. SAME THING. I did come research:

1. Got 90% Isopropyl Alcohol and re-cleaned everything.
2. Purchased Arctic MX-2.
3. Cleared the CMOS on the motherboard.
4. Possible Purchase of: http://

I think the both the A8-5500 and 6500 got shorted-out, and maybe my motherboard got damaged.

Any thoughts?

If you made it this far, you must have facepalmed along the journey.
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  1. Definitely a possibility, and I think it's dead, personally. Laughed at the last line, though; thanks for that.
  2. My dad knows a guy who works on computers; I'll give it to him, but if he can't find a solution, I will buy that new FM2 motherboard and give it to a local computer shop so they could install it. I'm an idiot.
  3. Best answer
    Don't say that you're an idiot! I may be a "pro" at installing CPUs at this point, but when I built my first system, I broke off a pin on my Phenom II while trying to pull the heatsink off!
  4. Ok, maybe I was too excited to install that new APU...but yeah. What stinks is that this computer is my entry-level gaming PC. I have the whole week off next week from work, and I can't even decide to sit back and play games. 35+ Steam Games and 4 Origin games, and I can't play one. :(
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