Do all PSUs come with the same power cables?

I ordered this case that comes with a PSU. I haven't gotten it yet but will it come with cables that everyone else has? I need to connect a graphics card and will it come with that cable?

Here it is-
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  1. They vary depending on wattage and supported features (SLI/Crossfire). A 1200w Platinum PSU definitely has more cables and outputs for obvious reasons.

    Regardless, you should have your needed 6+6 or 8+6 pin cables.
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    Just a quick look at the picture on newegg shows a fairly basic power supply, and Cooler Master is not known for using quality power supplies.

    I see standard 4-pin Molex and floppy connectors, and a string of SATA style power connectors. The reviews from owners list that it comes with a single 6pin PCIe power connector. I wouldn't call this a 500W power supply. More like a 280W or 350W.
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