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I am currently running Windows 8 on one of my two ssd's. I would like to install Windows 7 onto the other drive. I was recommended to use easybcd, but I was wondering if I could get a little more insight into this program and how running multiple os' works as I am not very familiar with it.
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  1. If you want to have windows 8 on another disk then you essentially have two different NTFS file structures. eg. if you install WoW onto windows 7 SSD and lauge of Legends onto windows 8 SSD you will not be able to play WoW from windows 8.

    What I think you are looking for is a Dual boot configuration, one drive two operating systems shared NTFS storage. Google up dual boot configuration there is thousands of walk-through's.
  2. Nah. I amusing them for different kinds of things. I am not really interested in them having shared data. And I have been looking through walk through's and read me's and just don't understand probably as well as I should so I asked here. To be honest I want a few seperate working os drives. Mac Linux windows. all for different things though.
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    It sounds like virtual machines may work better for your intended use. I use VMWare Player to run Windows 7 and Ubuntu inside my Windows 8.1 OS. I can run all three operating systems at the same time.
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