Can only boot using windows boot manager, need help!

So guys i built a pc with a samsung 840 evo 120Gb ssd and a wd black caviar 1tb hdd, using a msi z87-g45 mobo.

I installed my os (windows 8.1 64 bit) on the ssd, and added the hdd as a second hard drive. Now when booting up with my ssd selected as first boot option i get an error message stating:
Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

It always does this, but when i boot with boot manager as first boot priority it just boots into windows no problem.

If anyone knows a fix please tell me.

840 evo 120gb
Wd black caviar 1tb
Kingston hyper xmp beast 2x4Gb 2400mhz
Seasonic s12ii bronze 620w
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  1. What order are your SSD and HDD plugged into the SATA ports on the mobo. the ports follow a number order, and if the HDD is in higher order, it might try checking that first instead of the SSD. check your mobo manual and make sure the SSD is SATA port 0
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