Recommend me CPU cooler - Specs inside.

So I'm looking at upgrading to either an I5-4670k or an I7-4770k (depends on my January bonus) and I'm looking to water cool it, specifically, with a Corsair H100i. I have a corsair carbide 300r case with the top two fan bays open, the side and front panels right now are taken with cheap bargain bucket fans right now (Low of funds and will upgrade in Feb).

I have been wondering about the Air Flow setup if I were to go with the H100i, could I utilize those two top case fans and put the rad there and use it as an exhaust? or would it be easier to get a h60i, put it onto the back case fan slot and set the top two up as the exhaust that way?

Other things in the case are my GTX770, Corsair CX750m PSU, 1 WD hdd and a Samsung SSD.

The reason I want water cooling is basically to make it look nicer, I will be using the PC as a center piece around my desk and I really dislike the way CPU heat-sink/fans look.

If anyone has any other products they'd like to recommend, I'm always open to change.
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  1. I intake air through the front of my case and exhaust it via the H100i, never had and heat issues even whilst gaming. I also like the corsair link software that lets you monitor you H100i.
  2. Raijintek has introduced two new CPU coolers, Pallas and Zelos. The Pallas CPU cooler is intended for higher-end systems, while the Zelos cooler is only intended to be used on mid-range systems.
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