Is there a RAID 5 controller card on the market for which its manufacturer has verified its operation with four 4-TB drives?

For example, with four of Western Digitals 4-TB Black drives.
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  1. Most high end raid cards that are 300+ will do those.

    Also the newer motherboards should as well.

    Just a tip though. Using 4 4TB hard drives in a Raid 5 is not recommened. They don't recommend anything bigger than 2TB on Raid 5 or 6 just because of the rebuilt time. It will take days and another failure could occur. But thats just what they recommend. When you lookup Raid Cards most of them will tell you what the Maximum supported size hard drive is. I know we have bought Dell Power Vaults which is just a big box of Hard drives with 12 4TB hard drives in them (For Video Security System) Not sure what my clients did with it though if they just made it a big Raid 0 or any other kind of raid though but i Do know the raid card bought with it (Dell PERC H710) Will do 4Tb drives in Raid 0 1 10 01 5 6 50 60 so yes they do have ones out there. The Perc H710 is NOT a cheap card though. It is an LSI baised Card though.
  2. drtweak, Thanks.

    I have a PERC6/i card, but Dell says it is only verified for 2TB hard drives. I want to use it as a storage unit, and therefore would like to maximize the space. Not sure what you mean by rebuilt time. Do you mean if a drive fails, and you plug in a new drive that it takes days to rebuild the structure?
  3. Raid-10 is the way to go, performance and security. 2TB is a firmware issue, that Dell or Perc manufacturer will not solve, as they would prefer you to get a new controller, H700/H710,H800/H810,H200/H310
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    Yea wasn't sure if the PERC 6 supported it. I have a Dell SAS 5 Adapter which Will Read my 4TB just fine but if i take my 4TB Raid 0 of my 2TB on the same card and try to clone it it says not enough space. Have to plug it into my motherboards SATA then Clone it.

    And yes for the rebuild time. a Rebuild on a Raid 5 with a 4TB drive will take forever. If they are reliable drives then your ok. They just don't reccomend it because if another drive fails in the middle of the rebuild your screwed.

    And As Stig said I would go with a RAID 10 as well. We upgraded a client a while back on his server. First it was 3 1TB SAS drives in Raid 5. Performance was shit. Like 50MB read and write. Got him another 1Tb Made a Raid 10 and BAM Was getting like 300 read and write on that stucker! Much less over head on a Raid 1/0/10/01 than a Raid 5, 50,6, 60

    Yea when you check newegg they don't really say what the max supported hard drive size is. Kinda lame. Might be able to look into an actual LSI firmware for the PERC card and not the stock DELL Firmware. Was going to do that with my SAS 5 card but there are two version and the one i had wasn't supported by the LSI firmware. Wanted to get RAID 10 but stuck with 1 and 0 for now.

    But look around. Might have to go to the actual manufactor webpage to get the real specs, But i'm a fan of LSI when it comes to Raid Cards. Just my opinion though.
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