NZXT Kraken G10 - works on its own or do I need a whole water cooling setup as well? / I'm completely new to water cooling.


So my graphics card (GTX 560Ti) gets really noisy when I'm running intensive programs such as Battlefield 4, Arma III, DayZ, Rome Total War II, and even Rust/DotA 2 sometimes. The fans seem to go crazy. This PC was pre-made 2-3 years ago and is my uni pc. I've built my own PC at home so I know my way around the basics. However, I've never touched water cooling as I've heard stories about water leaks/fried GPUs etc. and I've never really seen the need to overclock/use water cooling so I stuck safely to fans.

I read about the NZXT Kraken G10 GPU cooler, and heard really good things about it being a huge improvement on the stock cooling, so I'm tempted to try it out for my 560Ti. I'm a little confused though, as I originally thought it was just a fan attachment, but after reading more about it, it appears to involve water cooling, and there's related stuff like NZXT Kraken CPU coolers. I'm not sure I want to dabble in water cooling as I know nothing about it and can't afford to fry my graphics card/CPU etc.

Is the NZXT Kraken G10 GPU cooler easy to set up? Do I need anything extra? (Like a whole load of other water cooling components and other stuff)? I have no idea how it works, so I'm not sure if it requires a whole special water cooling setup or whether I can just buy the Kraken G10, attach it to my card and that's all I need...

Thanks for your help, sorry for the long question - trying to be as comprehensive/specific as possible.
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    all the Kraken is, is an adapter to use a cpu water cooler on a GPU. So you need the Kraken and a water cooler such as the corsair h110 or h55. I believe the cheapest water cooler that will work with it is about $60 and then the Kraken costs $30 so that's $90 for the cheapest setup. I do not know a lot about it but I have also heard it works pretty well. for the cost I would probably just try to sell your GPU and upgrade using that money and the money you would have spent on a cooler to get something like a 760 which will be quieter and a good deal faster. if you really want to keep your gpu though you could look into after market heatsinks for it
  2. Thanks :-)
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