What graphics card for 100-200$ that will last me through 2014?

Right now im running the Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti and was wondering what you guys suggest i upgrade to. I was wondering if i should try an AMD one as i have always ran a GeForce card, also what do i look for to see if i can run an AMD graphics card? Games i play include League of legends, WoW, hearthstone, path of exile and other steam games.
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    the 7790 is about the best under $200 card. IF you can find a 270x on sale for $200 jump on it, as it will last you quite a while. The 660ti is also another great card in this price range that is quite a bit faster than the 7790, but not as fast as the 270x
  2. So for your budget it goes, in terms of price AND performance 270x>660ti>650ti>7790>7770
  3. Also to consider is the upcoming mantle...sure there are no real numbers, but at least SOME performance gain is expected over the nvidia cards (so like in bf4, where the 760 beats the 270x, the 270x is likely to outperform the 760 after the mantle update)
  4. swagger thanks for the answers.
  5. Brant what card do you use
  6. I use the asus direct cuii 780...quite a bit out of your price range lol.
  7. ya lol
  8. BUT i will say, if you have the money,go for the best you can get, as that way you won't be left wondering "what could have been" lol
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